Astrographical Information
Region: Outer Rim
Oversector: Tion Cluster
Sector: Cronese Mandate
System: Argai
Suns: 1: Arg
Orbital Position: 1
Moons: 1: Moon of Argai
Trade Routes:
Rotation Period: 20 standard hours
Orbital Period: 337 local days
Physical Information
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 13,134 km
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Hot
Gravity: near 10m/s^2
  • Jungle
  • Deserts
  • Dry grass plains
  • Rock flats
  • Volcanic
Surface Water: Water collection
Societal Information
Native Species:
  • Humans
Government: Athakam MedTech

-- Million

  • 60% Human
  • 20% Sanyassan
  • 10% ----
  • 6% Herglic
  • 3% ---
  • 1% other
Demonym: Argaian
Capital: Ta'shtal
Major Cities:
  • Anxarta
  • Istix
  • Ascaron
Major Imports:
  • Technology
  • Ship components
  • Foodstuffs
Major Exports:
  • Alazhi
  • Bacta
  • Medical items

Argai is a historically alazhi-rich jungle desert planet in the Outer Rim oversector of the Tion Cluster. Often referred to as Argai Prime, the world is governed by the Argai Council, directly overseen by Athakam MedTech, a nationalized faction of the Tion Hegemony. With the presence of the Hegemony and Athakam, Argai has begun to move from its historic tradition of being one of few dependent alazhi-exporting worlds of the Outer Rim to becoming a thriving hive of commerce and industry. Argai Prime has been developed with the help of the presence of the Argai system capital and headquarters of Athakam MedTech. Due to the government funded development, Argai has begun to export bacta and medical supplies to other Tion controlled worlds, while maintaining a relative self-independence, although with the help of other Tionese worlds. The Council's alliance with the Hegemony and other Tionese worlds, allows Argai to import foodstuffs and other essentials amenities, such as clothing and technology.



Tion Hegemony

Athakam MedTech

Argai Council

Connection to the Waryn Family

When Keeya Waryn was a year old, she and her mother, Leila settled on Argai after their failed attempts of finding solitude fleeing Corellia and the dangerous life that Aydyn Dylak Waryn, Keeya's father lived. Having planned to meet up with Aydyn a week after they fled Corellia separately due to reasons unknown to Keeya at the time. Leila and Keeya fell upon the planet during a supply stop after nearly 3 weeks of life among the stars. Unknown to Keeya at the time, Leila had just found out that she was carrying her and Aydyn's second child, a baby girl, Keeya's full sister. Leila, being the only one that knew of the existence of this baby, decided that her current life of living on her ship with Keeya was not an acceptable life for any young child, let alone two. After scouting Argai, Leila fell in love with the planet's secluded nature and bacta-export dependent economy. With the lack of financial struggle and relative low population, she knew it was a planet that was not likely to be touched by any trade or criminal organization that could spell doom for her young family.

Having only scouted the major cities of Argai, Leila searched for a small village near the Jungle Belt of the planet, so that her daughters could be near the more temperate climates of the world, while still maintaining a proximity to good schooling. Leila wanted to limit the range of dangers that large cities tend to foster. Though Leila secretly regretted not looking for Aydyn, she knew her daughters would grow up safe and secure while being able to engage in many educational opportunities that were made possible by the system government of the Argai at that time.

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