Aydyn Dylak Waryn was born the eldest child of Risholm Waryn and Tannis Rossari Waryn in Wyvernholt, a resort development nearby regional center Varione on the planet Kaon. He and his twin sister Graelyn grew up helping their parents run the resort and so they were both accustomed to hard work.

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Early Years (Year -37 - Year -19)Edit

Aydyn started helping his parents work on the resort of the young age of 6, along with Graelyn. As Aydyn grew older more was asked of him and Graelyn and even after their younger brother Tennyson was born, his work never lightened. Though sister was the same age, Aydyn's work never seemed to stop. The much harder chores were often handed to him, while Graelyn was often tasked with taking care of Tennyson, who was 8 years younger than Aydyn and his sister. As time drove on, Aydyn's workload never lightened, even after Tennyson grew to an age that he could care for himself. Causing the constant workload to drive a stake between he and his parents. Even as his relationship with his parents fell farther into disrepair, Aydyn became the older brother all siblings wished for, protecting and supporting his sister and brother in everything they did, even if their activities took them away from the resort and made his workload pile up. Finally at the age of 18 Aydyn bought passage from Varione to the the Tionese hub, Lianna, to find himself a better life and one that he was intent would take him off his homeworld to someplace bigger and with more opportunities. Leaving behind his sister, who was determined she would not abandoned their 10 year old brother. Aydyn knew he would miss both his siblings and vowed he would keep in constant contact, even if his parents never knew. Before he left Wyvernholt, Aydyn made a point to buy both his sister and brother long-range communication equipment so that they could also stay in-contact with him. His wish to be out of the Tion Cluster would be answered shortly after his arrival at the magnificent and chaotic Lianna system.

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