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*Aunik Tynesae
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|Body Type = Lean
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|Partner(s) = [[Nolan Kysel]] (former)}}
|Partner(s) = *[http://holocron.swcombine.com/wiki/Nikai_Tonnak Nikai Tonnak] (current)
*[[Nolan Kysel]] (former)}}
'''Casten Maziel Waryn''' (born as '''Casten Halcyon''') is a family-oriented young Tyferran male whose loyalty has lied with the [[Waryn Family]] ever since he was included into their core. His early years were a struggle as he tried his best to make a life for his own after the disappearance of his father and eventual passing of his mother. It was only after he found his way to the [[Tion Cluster]] that he was reunited with a side of the family that he hadn't known of until then. He became a prominent member of Tion's infrastructure department until the internal struggles of the faction forced Casten to find a new path.
'''Casten Maziel Waryn''' (born as '''Casten Halcyon''') is a family-oriented young Tyferran male whose loyalty has lied with the [[Waryn Family]] ever since he was included into their core. His early years were a struggle as he tried his best to make a life for his own after the disappearance of his father and eventual passing of his mother. It was only after he found his way to the [[Tion Cluster]] that he was reunited with a side of the family that he hadn't known of until then. He became a prominent member of Tion's infrastructure department until the internal struggles of the faction forced Casten to find a new path.

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Casten Maziel Waryn (born as Casten Halcyon) is a family-oriented young Tyferran male whose loyalty has lied with the Waryn Family ever since he was included into their core. His early years were a struggle as he tried his best to make a life for his own after the disappearance of his father and eventual passing of his mother. It was only after he found his way to the Tion Cluster that he was reunited with a side of the family that he hadn't known of until then. He became a prominent member of Tion's infrastructure department until the internal struggles of the faction forced Casten to find a new path.

He worked briefly for The Invid Order's production department aftear a breakdown from his separation from the Hegemony, searching for a quiet small place to grow, but his urge to be part of something bigger (and several invitations from a close friend of his) pulled him towards Black Sun. Casten worked several months in Black Sun's subsidiary Gesenix Mining, taking advantage of his skills and experience in prospecting and progressively made himself known in the government's channels; nevertheless, the Thyferran's personality was not a perfect match with the rest of the Collective and he was, once again, left with the feeling that he hadn't yet found his place in the Galaxy.

After his resignation from Black Sun, Casten went freelance for a short period of time before a sudden change in leadership back at the Tion Hegemony incited the Thyferran to return once more to his home and family. He joined the Tionese affiliate Athakam MedTech where his cousin Crislyn Anessa Waryn had functioned as Rector Superior before him, eventually climbing to his current position as the leader of the corporation and making his way into the Tionese High Council. He graduated from the Argai Faculty of Medicine & Science while functioning as CEO of the company and continues to expand his enterprises in and out of the Hegemony.

Life Under the Empire

Early Years

Casten was born and raised in Thyferra where his parents, Graelyn Elayne Waryn and Lassiter Halcyon were founders and co-owners of a large hotel franchise that settled all over the planet. Due to the high profile status of the family business and the growing reputation of the Halcyon name, Casten grew in a lifestyle of privileges and luxuries that made a spoiled children out of him in his very early years.

Thyferra had been governed by the Galactic Empire at the time of Casten's birth in the capital city, and the regiment of such government had a significant role in Casten's life because of the political relationships that Lassiter held with high-ranking imperial officers and even the magistrate of the planet himself. The latter, taking a particular interest in the young boy, was constantly overseeing Casten's school grades under the impression that the boy could potentially become a beneficial asset for the Galactic Empire once he reached legal age.

As Casten got older, life began complicating due to the constant trips between cities in order for his parents to attend specific business at one different city at a time, and as a result, Casten went through numerous school transfers everytime they needed to move out, mostly because his parents were too scared to leave him alone for long periods of time. Casten acquired a disdain for the family business for moving out so frequently, because it left him no space for long-lasting friendships and so he slowly became isolated and reserved because he knew he would most likely change residence before he could form a meaningful bond with another kid his age. He dreamt of settling down at one place one day and grow old without the complications of traveling, possibly influenced as well by the common idiosyncrasy of human Thyferrans, but his reality was much different.

It was during Casten's 9th year of life that the Halcyon family suffered a devastating impact when Lassiter left the household in pursuit of expanding their company to further horizons beyond Thyferra, or so was the explanation given to him. He and his mother received no further news from the patriarch after that day. His mother couldn't cope with the abandonment of her husband and suffered a mental breakdown, unbeknown to Casten it would be an affliction he'd come to acquire later on himself. Graelyn's behaviour became very erratic, some days she'd be very protective over Casten and spent every minute of the day with his little boy; other days she would leave Casten unattended at home while she went out with her friends or run some personal errants; but the worst days were when she wouldn't leave her bed as a severe depression overcame her, she wouldn't talk or even look at Casten in the eye, almost as if she was in a trance, only babbling the name of her brothers and husband from time to time.

The combination of his father's absence and his mother's mental state made Casten become even more solitary and asocial than he already was. Looking out for his mother was a difficult task to maneuver along with his school duties and fending for himself whenever Graelyn was at her worst. Although he had the support of members of the board of directors of the family company, and the planetary magister for his own personal reasons, Casten was the one solely dealing with Graelyn's condition. He found comfort in the gadgets around the house and quickly developed a fascination for electronics. He had innate skills for electronics both physical and digital, even managing to get himself in trouble for minor cybernetic crimes that he hoped would lessen the magistrate's interest in him, and thus he found his true passion in the world of cybernetics.

The Waryn Family Ancestry

Casten's high-school education was hindered when Graelyn's condition eventually turned into physical illness and he was forced to quit school at the age of 16. Throughout most his life, Casten was raised with the perception that his mother and him were the last living members of their family because he had never heard his mother talking about her own relatives other than random whispers of their names Aydyn Dylak and Tennyson; furthermore the Halcyon family was by now but a distant fading memory, so when Graelyn became unfit to continue the legacy of their company, Casten was the only one who could step up and attend their business or risk ending up bankrupt, which he couldn't afford if he wanted to care for his mother.

Casten at the hospital with Graelyn

After becoming the official heir to the family company, his life took an instant turn. He met the world of bargain and trading at a young age and had to grow the wit for business to manage all his new responsibilities, which in return caused the local government to once again turn their eyes on him. During this time he got the chance to hear all the wonders of the outer planets and his interaction with costumers triggered a spark of interest in leaving Thyferra, also enhanced by an internal voice that called him towards further horizons beyond the grasp of the Empire. The paperwork for permission, taxes, legality; it all started giving a sense of being enslaved rather than being actually free and soon enough he wanted to find a new place to settle down where he wouldn't have to be so controlled. Not to mention the fact that with Graelyn's condition worsening by the day, Casten began growing fearful of his fate when he'd inevitably end up alone, and thus arose a sudden need for the familial connection that he lacked during his youth.

Near his 20th birthday, his mother's health dropped drastically and she suffered a collapse that permanently hospitalized her in order to keep her alive. Casten was forced to drop the family business for a long period to get back to the capital city where Graelyn was being treated, and dedicate his whole time to look after her. The company suffered a severe decay during this time, but he was more concerned about his mother's health than keeping up the one job he never wanted in the first place.

Graelyn’s terminally ill condition encouraged her to finally opened up to Casten about the rest of their family, because she feared what would happen to her son once she passed away. She revealed having heard from her brother Aydyn not long before she got sick, and told Casten about three of his cousins. However, her unstable state of mind didn't let her give out more specifications as to where he could find them, or how to even contact them. But Casten's decision was made the moment he heard there was still family to be found: He would be leaving Thyferra to find his cousins.

Lying Down in Corellia

After Graelyn passed away barely a year of being taken to special care, Casten sold the family company under the grid to avoid rising suspicions from the magistrate, who Casten guessed would obstacle just for the sake of keeping him there. Naturally, because of this, he was underpaid for the company shares but he didn't mind the financial loss as long as he could afford a ticket to get out of Thyferra without being noticed. The only one-way ticket he could afford that provided enough privacy, was a passage to Corellia aboard a BFF-Bulk Freighter, to his misfortune another planet controlled by the Empire. Nevertheless, this planet was more crowded and industrialized than his homeworld, and he figured it would be easier to go unnoticed there. Adaptation was difficult at this foreign planet but his skills and passion for machinery and computer design earned him a position in a small construction group, working to build a new Landing Pad at the capital city.

What was meant to be nothing but a temporary job to earn credits enough to sustain his search for his cousins, turned into 4 years of hard work and he gradually settled down in Corellia. He finally got what he used to dream about when he was a child: stability and peace; so his determination on the childish enterprise of finding his long lost family was quickly dropped when his social circle began to expand. Without the commodities of his semi-luxurious lifestyle at Thyferra, he was forced to experience life from the perspective of a low-class citizen, although there was the advantage of being unknown to the planetary government and it helped him feel less restrained. In spite of his meager life with low income and a flat shared with several other workmates from construction, he was happier than the preceding years with his mother in bad health.

But life wasn't done throwing rocks at him and halfway through the age of 25, Casten was involved in an accident at the construction site he was working at. One of the new guys hadn't been careful enough with the machinery and ended up collapsing the whole structure down on them, sending several people to the hospital and leaving others lifeless under piles of debris. Before the rescue teams could get to the accident, Casten did his best effort to aid his coworkers; fighting against his own pain he managed to use tables and cords to rearrange fractures, used his own clothes to stop hemorrhages and (clumsily but successfully) giving CPR to those in worse conditions; these had only been improvised solutions that clearly lacked training but the paramedics told him he had been the reason most people stayed alive enough to get to the hospital for proper treatment.

The accident left a permanent injury though, Casten's left leg suffered a massive trauma that forced him to stay in treatment for several weeks after his release from the hospital, only doses of bacta patches could help him endure the day, and as a result he eventually became almost addicted to the usage of the medication. To his fortune, he met several doctors during his stay in the hospital who saw potential in his heroic actions back at the accident. It was thanks to them that he managed to survive what was to come next.

Spiraling Down

During Casten's physical therapy to recover from the incident at the accident, he was placed under the care of the doctor Nolan Kysel. Casten was smitten the moment he saw the man enter his room at the hospital but his social skills hadn't improved that much from when he was the isolated shy kid at the corner of the classroom when he was younger, and throughout the 3 months that lasted his physical therapy, he only dared to confess his attraction by the time he was discharged. To his surprise, Nolan had felt the same way about him all along but had felt immoral to have any relationship with one of his patients so he never made a move either. Luckily for the both of them, they were no longer in a compromissing position now that Casten was no longer his patient, and so they went out on their first date barely a week after Casten left the hospital.

Casten at the beginning of his addiction.

Life was difficult for Casten after his stay at the hospital, he no longer had funds in his account and he had been evicted from his appartment for not paying rent in time. He resorted to sleeping in homeless shelters for a few nights before he could get back on his feet by taking odd jobs here and there. Thankfully one of the doctors that operated Casten's leg had taken a liking for him, seeing how the Thyferran had a brilliant mind and charisma, the doctor took a leap of fate and helped the young man sign up to finish his high-school degree on a single test. At that point in time, Casten and Nolan had become more than just friends, and the older man gladly volunteered to help Cas study for his exam.

Time passed and Casten's big exam was just around the corner, his relationship with Nolan was flourishing into something stable, and everything seemed to have finally take on the bright side. Casten felt almost invincible, like he could conquer the world, he didn't know it at the time but what he was feeling was nothing else but his undiagnosed bipolarity beginning to show sympthoms. Nevertheless, it seemed as if Casten had the most positive approach to life and naturally, he passed his exam and got his degree. Not wanting to waste any time, he got back to his surgeon to thank him for the opportunity and the faith he had put on him. Once again, this surgeon felt compelled by Casten's charisma and bright aura, so he moved his influences to ensure Casten a partial scholarship at a local Medical University.

It came as a surprise for the recently formal couple that Casten's enrollment in the Medical University entitled a class with Nolan Kysel as the professor. They were a bit reluctant about it at first, but Nolan couldn't opt out of the class, and Casten was too excited for this venture to even consider declining the opportunity, so they both agreed to make it work no matter the consequences.

Of course, neither of them could've foreseen what would come to happen later. Everything seemed to be working just fine for the first few weeks into the school year, so much that their impulsiveness brought them to the decision of living together in Nolan's apartment since Casten still had no stable residence. In retrospective, if Casten had known that the reason he felt so overjoyed with his situation was his bipolar disorder kicking in, he would've said no to Nolan, but at the time it just felt right.

Their relationship finally became strained after Casten's third semester when Nolan found out about the Thyferran's abnormal usage of bacta patches. It had started so gradually that Cas didn't think it was becoming an addiction problem, he slowly increased doses because he had ghost pain at his knee, making him think he actually needed the medication, but eventually it got to the point where the young man would double his dose just for the fun of it. Nolan and Cas' relationship was affected with small fights here and there and it soon reflected in their interactions when they saw each other at school.

The subtle change in their dynamic triggered the alarm for some students of the same class and a few board members that had been monitoring Casten due to his scholarship. Upon further research on the pair, the regents took note of the illicit relationship they were having, which was bad enough without adding drug abuse to the equation; not long after, Casten was discharged from school and Nolan's contract terminated not only from the University but also from the Hospital he worked at.

This was the last straw for Nolan, who found himself with a dark future ahead of himself. The man couldn't deal with the mess that Casten was becoming, but regardless of how much damaged the younger man had brought, Nolan still cared for him too much to kick him out of his place just like that. Instead, Nolan packed his stuff one night that Casten was passed out on their bed, and left to the nearest lading port, never to be seen or heard from again except for the note he left behind for Casten, where he explain that medicine was his life, and that he needed a new place to practice where no one had heard of what had happened with Casten.

The breakup was abrupt for Casten, who had not fully measured the destruction he had caused to Nolan and to himself. The mixure of being abandoned yet again, and having no better future in sight left him heartbroken and desolated, triggering his mental disorder in the same way that had struck his mother years ago. He locked himself in the apartment for several days on end until he lost count of them. Switching seamlessly from bacta to ryll in the process of his depression.

Life on the Road

Out of a Dark Pit

It took Casten an entire month and a half to finally come to terms with the fact that Nolan had abandoned him and wasn't ever coming back, until one day his stomach was growling for the many days he had spent

Casten after breaking up with Nolan

without nourishment, his head hurt from the dehydration and bacta overdoses he was now so accustomed to. And for the first time in days, he decided to go out and get some food and take care of himself at last. He grabbed some of the credits that Nolan had left behind and got out of the apartment.

He had initially intended to go to the local market, but with the refreshing sunlight on his skin and the breezy air of the outdoors, Cas decided he needed to clear his head far away from the place that had become a dark pit for him by now. He bought some supplies and suddenly had the urge to have a picnic in the beautiful forests outside of the city Aulis, where he had once had a date with his now ex-boyfriend. He hoped that following the tradition of picnics he used to have when he was a child back in Thyferra, would pull him out of the darkness he dove himself into.

He was walking past a clearing in the forest, trying to find a perfect spot to spend some time in touch with nature, when he heard the noise of a battle in the sky just above his head. A ship was being shot down mercilessly as it tried to find a secure place to land. Casten saw how the damaged ship maneuvered in the air and counterattacked in one of the swiftest moves he'd ever seen. Act followed, both ships were forced to do an emergency landing. Driven by his curiosity and his impaired judgement, Cas ran towards the accident to take a better look at the wreckage. He heard gunshots in the distance, getting louder and louder with every step he took closer to the war zone. For a few minutes he contemplated the idea of simply dropping his insane task and turning back to mind his own business, but when the fire stopped, concern overcame his doubts and he rushed to see what had happened. By the time Casten arrived to the scene, there was blood everywhere, trees were still burning hot from the impact of the blaster lasers, one of the ships had busted an engine and a towering block of smoke rose from it. But among all that destruction and lifeless bodies, one woman was lying there, barely breathing and about to faint from her injuries. She would've looked fierce and scary had it not been for how vulnerable her condition was, and she made no attempt to fight Casten when he carefully approached to inspect the severity of her wounds.

Many would question Casten's reasons to get close to anyone who could have been part of any kind of fight like that, but the Thyferran had always had principles when it came to life and death, it was probably a reason why the doctors he had met saw potential in him, because of his determination to save lives regardless of their past.

The situation vaguely reminded Cas of the accident that seemed to have driven him downwards ever since, the bacta addiction, the impaired leg, the whole mess with Nolan, it all seemed like that accident was to blame, and Casten almost hated having ever been in that accident. However, when he began treating the woman's fatal injuries with the few scraps he could gather, he realized that not everything had been bad. He now had a medical background, now he knew how to save a life, and he was doing a fine work now as opposed to what he once had done. But he wasn't miraculous either, and the woman needed more than just a couple of stitches and tourniquets to stay alive.

Casten tried to offer to take her to the nearest hospital, or call an ambulance, or anything that could provide better aid than his beginner knowledge, but the woman refused adamantly, saying that hospitals were not safe for her at the time. It wasn't hard for Casten to figure out that she had been the one being chased, and that she was probably too paranoid about being hunted to be taken to a public place where she could be found. Instead, Casten offered to take her to the Kysel residence. The woman, lacking a better option, accepted the invitation with the last strength she could pull.


The Mirialan woman that had gotten injured in the accident took a long time to finally introduce herself as Alexis Amber, not only due to the recovery time she needed to regain full consciousness but because of her reluctance to reveal too much personal information about herself even after Casten had proven harmless. Casten had a similar approach to his privacy, not because he had a bounty on his head or because he needed to remain in anonymity, but because he felt his life had turned so dishonorable that it wasn't worth mention to anyone, especially not to someone he had just met. Nevertheless, the friendship between Alexis and Casten seemed to flourish naturally as time progressed, and before Alexis healed enough to get out of her bed, they had passed the acquaintance level and were starting to grow closer. After all, Casten was virtually alone now, and he had been out of touch from the rest of the universe for the last couple of weeks; having the Mirialan newcomer was a refreshing change of scenery and a mood lighter.

The two of them wouldn't last too long in the Nolan residence however. Alexis had expressed her concern in numerous times during her recovery that remaining in Corellia any longer would prove dangerous for her; she grew impatient to get out of the planet now that she was in a better condition. To Casten's surprise, Alexis didn't take off from one day to the other like Nolan had done, or his father; instead she proposed him to leave with her. The Thyferran did not need to think twice about Alexis's offer because Corellia had stopped feeling like home the moment Nolan left, so leaving the planet seemed like the wisest decision.

They lacked the monetary position after both of their misfortunes had led them together, but Casten's prowess with electronics and machinery came in handy as he was able to repair the ship in which Alexis had arrived to Corellia: The Green Stag. The damage that the ship had endured was easily repaired in a cheaper way than buying an entirely new ship, just by getting spare parts to get the engine and turbines back online; a job that took Casten less than a month to complete due to his anxiety to get out of the planet for good.

The Green Stag

Life aboard the Green Stag got off to a rocky start, the economics of the two rogue friends was far too low to enjoy any trip to different regions of the galaxy. At least it was like that before they reached the Core Worlds and both Alexis and Casten began going back to their old habits. Whatever funny business had led Alexis to crash her ship in the first place, didn't seem to stop, because Casten would often see her getting out of the ship at one starport or another under lame excuses, only to return days later with a heftier wallet; but Casten never bother to ask what shady deals his Mirialan friend was involved with out of respect for her privacy. Similarly, Casten would sneak out of the Green Stag and spend some of the money that Alexis gracefully shared with him, on either gambling games or ryll; luckily enough, the lifestyle in most of the Core Worlds incited a higher illicit underworld that both Alexis and Casten knew far too well.

Several more months went by in the same manner, both parties seemingly unaware of each other's misdoings, but the fact that they respected each other's privacy and still got to hang out together as friends, brought them closer in time, and soon enough they began forming a more familial bond.

One unfortunate night where Alexis had been out for an entire day doing whatever it was that brought money to their table, Casten got more intoxicated than usual, borderline in overdose, which is why most of the following events became a blur to him. He remembered seeing Alexis coming back late in the afternoon of the next day, bruised and bloody with some wounds still open. It was all the confirmation he needed to know for sure that his friend was in a dangerous line of work, furthermore confirmed when he demanded straight answers and Alexis, unable to keep her cover any longer, finally came clean about her career in assassination.

Almost as if taken out of a movie, their heart-to-heart conversation was abruptly interrupted by an intruder in the ship. Cas was too stoned at the time to realized that this man had been Alexis' target, who was now coming back for revenge. Regardless of what Alexis had done or not in the past, Casten still felt too attached to the woman, and seeing her in a weak state yet again, encouraged Cas to step up and try to defend her. He stood there, completely unaware of the utter danger that he had just put himself into by standing in between this hunter and his prey. He tried to be diplomatic and reasonable, because he had never in his life been a fighter, and eventually managed to convince Alexis that they didn’t really need the money of the contract, and that if she had been looking for a challenge, she’d already found the result. And he also arranged with the intruder that there hadn’t been any actual damage done to him, he didn’t need to take revenge if Alexis stopped going after him. Alexis reluctantly agreed to the terms, but the other man was still uncertain.

The intruder, who hesitantly introduced himself as Kana Aevum, claimed that some security guards that had seen his face when he was trying to defend himself against Alexis. He wasn’t safe in that planet anymore, so he demanded them to take him with them away from there in order to spare Alexis’ life. Without much choice left for the two friends, they grudgingly accepted to take him outside the Core Worlds.

End of a Cycle

Casten was prone to peace and trust when the situation required it, and once the Green Stag was back in hyperspace en-route to the Outer Rim, he felt the need to mediate a less hostile environment between Alexis and Kana. Thankfully, he was very persuasive and knew how to push the right buttons, at least when he was sober, and thus ended up forming a more cordial bond with the newcomer. But once again, Casten's life was bound to meet misfortunes, and when their ship exited hyperspace, it became an easy target for a mercenary group that had chased Alexis for a while now, the same one that crashed her ship in Corellia all that time ago. Casten had been kept in the dark about this fact but he wasn't surprised anymore that something like that would follow an assassin.

Before Cas could even understand what was going on, the three of them were landing on the nearest starport and running for their lives. At some point during their escape, Alexis told him to keep running while she stayed behind to give him some time; the Thyferran could tell that this was a goodbye, that they would probably not see each other again, and for as much as he didn't want to be on his own again, he also didn't want to put his life at risk more than he had already done by staying with Alexis. With a nod, and a teary glare into the Mirialan's eyes, he ran away as fast as he could. Leaving her and Kana to their own destinies.


New Hope

Cas started living in cheap hotels or bars that would let him work nightly to get a room in the back. Sweeping tables, pouring drinks, and ocassionaly dealing drugs without being seen by the manager; it became his lifestyle for a few months that provided him with a new perspective of life: the lowest of the lowest. The once coy kid turned reckless, until one day he entered a bar to spend some newly stolen credits on alcohol. His sordid recent history had also made him slightly paranoid, so he usually paid some extra attention to his surroundings. While he waited for his drink to be served, he overheard a conversation happening on a nearby table, what caught his full attention was the name Aydyn Waryn being mentioned. It was impossible for him not to recognize the name since it had been his motivation when he first arrived to Corellia; but he was also clever, and he knew pouncing on the man to shoot endless questions would not grant him any answers. Instead he sat there drinking and eavesdropping on the next table.

Sadly, the ingest of copious amounts of alcohol and ryll made most of that night a big blur, but one thing stuck to his mind the next morning. Argai. At first he thought it was the name a person which of course sparkled interested inside him once again since he had no reason to stay on whatever planet he was at the time (he didn't even know which system he was in to begin with). Now more than ever Casten was in need of family, of a better life, something that would bring him peace of mind. It took him a few hours at the General Archives to figure out Argai was a planet, not a person, and he quickly recorded the location of such planet as it was his next destination.

The Tion Cluster

After profiting from a couple of Pazaak games, Casten gathered enough money for a ticket on a cargo ship that headed towards the Tion Cluster. He was unaware of how big this sector of the galaxy truly was, but he assumed it would be easier to reach Argai once he had made his way into the Cluster. The ship arrived to

Voss two days later and since it was an unregistered ship into the system, there were Tionese officers waiting for them and soon as they landed, ready to document the cargo and passengers coming in. Cas saw this as an opportunity to change his name to match his true family, given that his father never really was such, and from that day on he was known as Casten Maziel Waryn in hopes that this change would make it easier to find any leads on his family background, or even better, find his cousins.

Days passed without much accomplish to his research, other than the name of Crislyn Anessa Waryn, luckily for him she seemed to have a reputable status in the Cluster, which would make it easy for him to find her though not as much to get in contact with. It was one of the many reasons that Cas had to make a turn on his lifestyle. He was now a Waryn, and he figured it was ungrateful to spoil the name by clinging on to his old habits; the other thing that made his mind about becoming a reputable citizen was how welcoming this new place felt. The change of government was almost breathable; the citizens were not stressed or afraid, the streets were not crowded with imperial troopers marching on constant rounds as if they were prison guards, business seemed to run clean, people smiled to him when they passed by. It was, as Cas would later describe, a paradise in every sense of the word.

With the few credits he had saved up, he got himself a datapad and a hotel room to being his quest to find his cousins. He hacked into the Vossian database of governmental employees after he found out Crislyn was a member of the Tionese High council, working as the Rector Superior of Athakam MedTech, the medical carrier of the entirety of the Greater Tion Cluster, and ruling organization of Argai. He figured her records would be private, given her position, so getting any direct contact information required some illegal methods on his part. Eventually he managed to get a direct link to her office and sent her a message, asking for a chance to meet in person, and left for Argai the next day in hopes that the woman would come.

Surprisingly enough, Crislyn did take the time to meet him at a lounge bar in Argai, Casten guessed curiosity got the best of her, or perhaps she had a vague idea of his true identity. Whatever her motives, Casten was only too glad to meet her. She had a tough exterior to crack in the beginning, being suspicious of Casten from the get go, but she was also open minded about the possibility that maybe they were in fact related. The Thyferran began sharing stories about himself, about his parents and how and why he came all the way to Argai to find her, leaving all the gory details out of the story of course.

When they parted ways that day, after a few drinks and snacks were shared, Crislyn wasn't as reluctant of him, and Casten was hopeful that maybe, just maybe, he'd finally found the family he had been looking for all along. The next day, destiny smiled on him as he found a job thanks to a propaganda that called for recruits to work for the sector government Tion Hegemony, and without second thoughts he contacted Stephanie Barefoot to sign up for the job; partially expecting that working for the hegemony would help him stay in touch with Crislyn and make his way into the family.

Waryns United

Stephy, as she preferred to be called, became Casten's first employer in the Tion Cluster, guiding through the process of getting citizenship and shortly after placed him under her care to work on the construction department. Given his past experience, it was a familiar position. Stephanie was coincidentally a close friend of Crislyn, being saved by her years prior, but she was far more open to accept Casten into the Hegemony thant Crislyn. The Thyferran made it his mission to make Stephanie proud and work his way up the ranks to prove everyone (himself included) that he was a Waryn by spirit and blood.

Casten working as Labourer in Tion's Construction Department

The Thyferran worked alongside Lady Barefoot in the planetary development of colonized planets in the Cluster, making the infrastructure department even more of a vital part of the Hegemony when Stephy became Director of Construction, effectively reorganizing the group into the Tionese Engineering and Construction department. Stephanie Barefoot's hard work and dedication rubbed on Cas, as he worked just as devotedly right behind her, feeling the same thrill as he had felt only once before, when he was admitted into the Corellian Medical University. His efforts were rewarded with constant promotions and recognition within the higher ranks of the Hegemony. In particular, Crislyn and Keeya Waryn, who had begun taking a notice of Casten's constant presence in the governmental holocommunications.

Sometime closer to the end of Year 14, months after having proven his worth in the Hegemony, Casten asked for a time off to reconnect with his cousins in Argai. After all, they had been the whole reason why he came to Tion Space in the first place, and regardless of how well he got along with the rest of the Hegemony, he still needed tighter bonds with his real family.

At that point in time, Crislyn had done her own research on Casten's background and finally came to terms with the fact that they were cousins, she began having a soft spot for the new addition to the family after this realization, added to the fact that the man's charms won her over during the time he spent in argai with them. Keeya had been the first one to officially welcome Casten into the family, introducing him to her children who had no problem calling him uncle just a few minutes after meeting.

At last, Casten's life was becoming the ideal dream he had hoped for. A big family, a nice place to call home, and a reputable job. Life was perfect.


It is unknown the exact date when Casten took his second leave of absence in all of his career with the Hegemony, but he had abandoned his post from one day to the other with the only people knowing about his disappearance were his closest kin: Crislyn, Keeya and Stephanie Barefoot, who had already been considered as part of the Waryn family long before Casten came along. Although they understood the urgency in which Casten had announced his temporary leave, they were still in the darkness as to his reasons, but were understanding enough to let him go without explanations.

The true reason why he had been pulled out of his paradise had been a holo transmission received from a medical center near the Core Worlds. Casten had already made a public name of himself what with being now an official Waryn and prominent member of the Tion Hegemony, so it wasn't unusual that people across the world had heard about him. But what was important wasn't the source of the transmission but the message itself.

Despite having been separated for years now, and being driven away by tragedy, Nolan Kysel had kept Casten as his closest kin in case of an accident. Perhaps because the man had been living a lonely life, or because he had been as unable to forget their mutual past as Casten was, the Thyferran didn't know, but the moment he received the message all the feelings he had had for Nolan came rushing back. He left Tion Space the next day to retrieve the corpse of his first love.

Innevitably, another manic episode overcame Casten after seeing the lifeless body of the man he loved in a morgue. Cas doesn't remember the full details of what happened after seeing Nolan's body, only vague memories of running into a shady bar in town, been offered a novelty drink called Ryll Beer, and having the impression he had been called there for a reason, that perhaps this thing people called The Force had brought him to that planet to bring Nolan back to life. And thus began a full month expedition in his insane quest to revive the Corellian.

This period of time was very dark for Casten, as it was full of mood swings from the euphoria of meeting scammers who promised to do the impossible for him, to utter depression from meeting dead ends to his quest, and on top of either episode there was the despair he felt for having found no way to revive Nolan.

Eventually, Casten's labour led him to the planet of Kamino, following the trail of an emergent group of scientists who performed "unusual medical research" and needed test subjects. Albeit illegal, these experimental practices promised Casten a way to regain contact with who once was his first love, even if it meant cloning Nolan rather than resurrecting him. But Casten's state of mind didn't let him think clearly and he followed through with the procedure. But the result was far from the Thyferran's expectations, as the clone would take around 7 months to grow into the original age of the model, furthermore the scientist warned that due to the insane speed rate at which the clone would age, it was possible he wouldn't survive. At this point in time, Casten's job within the Tionese government and his place in the Waryn family had left him in a privileged economical situation even better than his life in Thyferra when he was a kid. So in an impulsive episode of desperation, paid the Kaminoan for an entire squadron of Kysel Clones out of the irrational fear that if something bad ever came to one of the Kysel clones, he'd fall back into a deep depressive state. Somehow in his mind he thought of the rest of the clones as spares in case the worst scenario happened.

Cas during lock-down at the rehabilitation center

Seeing all 12 clones being incubated, somehow brought Casten back to reality at last, and due to his high intake of ryll he believed he was at the point where he honestly needed help. He bellieved he had finally hit rock bottom, and in a brief period of sanity he got himself admitted in a private rehabilitation center located in an undisclosed location near Kamino.

The rehabilitation period served well to put Casten's mind to ease for the 7 months that it took for the clones to develop into their adult forms. But at that point, Casten was far more concerned for his cousins and responsibilities to his government than he was about the condition of the clones. Given that it had been a voluntary admission, he was allowed to get an early discharge from the facility. Rregretfully, he picked up the Kysel clones and took them back with him to the Tion Cluster. His friends and family welcomed him with open arms, as if nothing had happened between them... but he had missed so much over the course of those months due to the strict rule of no external communication from the rehabilitation center.

Paradise Ablaze

By the time Casten returned to active duty, a lot had changed inside the Hegemony. Most notably the incident colloquially named "Neriagate" had taken a toll in the general morale of the government as a whole, and the political struggles of the group. It wasn't until Cas opened communications back with Stephy, that he realized the entire impact of the commotion that had struck Tion.

What used to be an idyllic paradise to Cas, soon became a place of tension that could be felt in every corner of Tion space; almost as if the event had opened his eyes, he began noticing the absent leadership weighing more than it did in the previous years, every citizen now lived in an unspoken vow of silence with each other, and the once gleeful Comm system that connected every working member of the government and its affiliates, was now a deserted place filled with static.

Casten was still in a fragile state, mentally and emotionally, and he feared that staying in that environment would push his limits. He knew himself well enough to know his self-control was close to non-existent and if it he ever came to a position of stress, he would fall off the rails once again. Naturally he didn't want that to happen, mostly because he worrying for the image and reputation of the Waryn Family, and he decided not to leave it to chance. It took several heart-to-heart conversations with his closest friends and family to reach the decision to leave what had been his true home for almost two years, but eventually Casten felt compelled to explore new worlds and cultures outside Tion space, where he could feel more pleased with the situation, and soon enough he began browsing a new place that he hoped would be welcoming enough.

Expanding Horizons


The governmental situation in Tion didn't seem to be an isolated incident but rather a global disease that could be seen in most of the prominent organizations that ruled the galaxy. Casten was never really a politician so he cared little for their disputes, and he wasn't a soldier either so he did not want to join anywhere that would use him as a pawn in the petty wars for control. This narrowed his options for a new place because several groups that caught his interested had a certain alignment in the galactic civil war or were branded as criminals, and while Casten wasn't a saint whatsoever, he also cared for having a clean reputation; more for the sake of the family name than his own.

One fortunate day, when Cas orbited Argai in his at-the-time flagship, the Lictor-class Dungeon Kavalaen, he took some of his idle time to review the Galactic News Service. He had felt defeated on his quest and was considering returning to Tion, which was one of the reasons why he hadn't left the Argai system, when a small emergent group caught his eye. It was a small advertising of a force-sensitive cult called The Invid Order, Casten had had very little interaction with force users or The Force itself but he remembered the time after receiving the news of Nolan's death, when he thought that The Force was guiding his path and so he got curious enough to approach the Invid Order and get a clearer notion of what The Force really was. The Order promised a true neutral path within the galaxy, something that suited Cas' mentality to the letter and he quickly began communications with the Invid leader Draith Shadux.

His experience in construction and proved skills for production, helped Casten get an elevated position with the newly reformed Order born out of the group once known as the Katana Fleet. Shortly after his arrival to the Order, a new subsidiary dedicated to production was founded. The Nerfworks (as the company was called) proved to be a growing group, expanding quickly in connections and resources, but Casten still felt adrift in the group, he had made friends with some of the most significant people in the Order, but Casten was accustomed to a different pace of life than what the Invid offered. Nevertheless, he became a prominent name in the Marasa territory after creating the digital identifications and database for the Invid Order and company, but Casten had grown more ambitious than he thought he was, and didn't feel like he'd yet found his place.

The final push that made Casten to take the decision of leaving the Invid group, was an old friend of his, Xyre Weltmon who he'd met during their mutual service in Tion. They stayed in touch after she retired from the Hegemony, which was at the time of Casten's rehabilitation period. She would often invite him to follow her into the ranks of Black Sun, but Casten rejected vehemently the past offers, for fear that his family wouldn't accept this path of his. This time however, as he found himself thumbing a premeditated resignation letter for Draith, and replaying Xyre's honeyed words in his head about Black Sun, he took a leap of faith and applied for the renown organization after an extended conversation with his cousins Crislyn and Keeya, and his now adoptive sister Stephanie. After all, he had been looking for a tight group where he could fit in, with a strong sense of family, and in spite of the galactic-wide reputation Black Sun had earned over the years, Xyre had an encouraging argument to convince him.

Darkening Dawn

Casten's welcoming to the Collective was far more heartwarming that he had expected and soon enough realized that Xyre had not been lying about the Black Sun community. There was some odd sense of freedom in the air, a warm sensation of family bonding and Cas felt like he might have just found the place he had been looking for since his departure from Tion.

Casten working on Ibanjji II for Gesenix Mining

Over the course of the following months, Casten started to be consumed by the recklessness that came along the freedom of Black Sun’s ruling system, which took it just a step further than recommendable for a man like him. It was now far easier for Casten to get his hands on Ryll patches, or drink on the job, or party until unconsciousness at every city he visited. Soon enough his proven lack of self-control went completely over the board and slowly but surely, the Thyferran found himself pulling out of the organization in favor of his personal desires. He began isolating himself from many members of the Collective that he felt did not make a perfect match with his ideals, nor his expectations of the community he had been invited into. The radicality of this, originated thanks to his drug consumption and the opulence of his renewed lifestyle, but it was exponentially enhanced by the fact that his inclusion to the infrastructure department of the organization, happened at a very unstable time for Black Sun.

It had been barely a month after Cas arrived to Black Sun territory, that a galaxy-wide announcement was released, stating that the (at the time) Underlord Alexander von Ismay was stepping down from the throne, to make room for his successor Jeor Knight. The following weeks, hell broke loose inside the syndicate. A lot of speculation surrounded the events, but it is public knowledge that Alexander and his wife Kathlen Stewart wronged Black Sun, and after their discharge from the family, many more Vigos and members of the collective followed them, blowing holes to the government's economy on their way out of Black Sun space in the form of stolen assets. Dark Prince Knight proved his leadership skills in the following months to deaden the public impact of the continuing struggle with Kathlen's maneuvers, but the conflict with the traitorous ex members revealed a lot of the organization's true nature to Casten. It was known that Black Sun was a criminal syndicate before the latest Vigos embraced the mantel of a legal organization, but Casten had not been aware that many of their old ways remained intact within the secrecy of the government and Cas ultimately opted out of Black Sun, concerned for what he was becoming because of the syndicate, and fearing what would be in stored for him if he stayed.

In light of yet another dark phase taking over Casten’s life, the Thyferran went to a self-imposed exile after his resignation from Black Sun, believing he needed to find inner peace before he could attempt to be part of another organization. There was only one place in Casten’s mind as he piloted his Lictor away from the northern regions of the galaxy: Voss, back in Allied Tion, the planet that considerably held the most history in the entire Cluster, it was due to this fact that Cas believed he could subdue his debauchery by dedicating his time to his favorite hobbies (at the time being: history and hunting). With no intention of falling into loneliness again, he set camp east of Paradise Valley by the southern mountain range of the planet, to maintain his sought hermit lifestyle while still being able to stay communicated with civilization when he needed to stay in touch with his family back in Tion.

However, his exile wouldn’t last long.

Comeback Season

Unbeknown to Casten, while he was being disconnected from the world, a major change took place at the government he continued to remember fondly as his homeland. Stephanie Barefoot, a dear old friend of him, had been appointed as the new Lady Hegemon of the Tion Cluster after a tragedy with the past Hegemon Takao Asai. Casten heard the news when Stephy herself got in touch with him shortly after she took her seat, to invite Cas to rejoin the ranks in the Hegemony once again. Seeing as how the main reasons why he had left in the first place, were being solved with the ascent of Stephy as Hegemon, Cas agreed to return to work with Tion.

Now that Stephanie was at the leadership of the government, a lot of rearrangements happened with many of the affiliated corporations such as Athakam MedTech, the medical resource of the cluster where Casten's cousin Crislyn used to function as Rector Superior before being called to lead the second fleet of the Hegemony, leaving Athakam under the supervision of Steve Jones. With this reorganization, Athakam was in need of someone who could support Steve with the ups and downs of leadership, and Casten was chosen for such a role given his proven dedication in the past, who in turn took the opportunity to continue his studies in medicine where he left off back in Corellia.

Shortly after returning to Argai from exile, and after enrolling to the Argaian University of Medicine, Casten went through a general medical check-up that he hadn't had in many years. He was found to be in a perfect shape, physically speaking, but the psychological tests didn't turn as positive and he was then sent to a deeper evaluation where he was diagnosed with a mild cyclothymic disorder rooting many years prior, possibly even childhood. Casten finally found an explaination for all the dark stages he had gone through in his life, and the unusual comebacks he'd have after said phases and so he immediately began the treatment with medication to control his chronic disease, and finally found focus to work on his career in Athakam without the odd feeling of being off-place. He stepped up to such a encouraging attitude in both school and work, that he was soon promoted to Rector Superior, effectively replacing Steve Jones as leader of the medical corporation, while at the same time getting excellent grades towards his degree.

Personality and Traits

Casten's childhood happened at different places, up until the age of 14 he never had the chance to stay at one single place for a long time, therefore he never made any long-time friend and still has a hard time keeping one, especially new ones. An aftermath of his lack of meaningful relationships is the fact that he doesn't talk about his life so openly, even when asked directly; he will always find ways to give ambiguous answers or completely turn down any conversation that focuses on himself for fear of being judged for the decisions he'd made.

Cas having a drink

In spite of having fully recovered from the accident at the construction site, and a long time of physical therapy, he still limps on his left leg. It's almost unnoticeable now that the years have helped him regain mobility again but if you pay close attention to him while he walks, you will noticed the small deviation when he takes a step with that leg. He is not afflicted by it either way, and if it's pointed out, he will even laugh at himself.

To compensate for his own detachment from the Waryn family when he was a child, Casten has become very devoted to his cousins and his extended family (Stephanie and Xyre), putting them above anything and anyone, often even above himself. Another consequence of the tough years he endured in his youth, he has become less shy than he was as a kid, and has gotten a good grasp of how social interactions work, making friends in high places he has now being called a socialite in certain sectors of the galaxy.

He can be a good friend to the people who manage to get pass his awkward (and sometimes asocial) nature, for he cares about people that take the time to get to know him; and he is a confident adviser, most of the time, thus easily befriended. Although he's secretive about his past, he doesn't mind sharing his dirty secrets to the people he truly trusts.

Casten has never been an aggressive man, preferring instead to find a way to get out of fights with words instead of fists. Nevertheless, there have been major dark stages in his life that have taught him how to defend himself if the situation arises, most notably his time with Alexis Kain, so he's been desensitized from violent scenes thus not easily scared or shaken. Additionally, his acquired hobby of hunting and fascination for weapons has turned him deadly with a good rifle in his hands.

The most controversial side of Casten comes from his drug addiction. He's been through at least two incomplete rehabilitation periods that, while not helping him get over the need for Ryll or Bacta, have at least taught him how to keep the urges under control and remain a functional member of society. This fact, mixed with his psychological disorder has made Casten a very erratic man at times, often being misunderstood and hard to predict, so there are times when even his closest friends and family can't handle his mood. Fortunately, his condition is mostly under control thanks to the life-lasting treatment he now takes after being diagnosed with Cyclothymic Disorder, diagnosed after his inclusion in Athakam MedTech.

Career History

Text in italics denotes currently held positions

Tion Hegemony
Position Dates
Recruit Year 14, Day 221
Apprentice Year 14, Day 246
Labourer Year 14, Day 278
Builder Year 14, Day 307
Project Foreman Year 15, Day 311
Assistant Foreman Year 16, Day 216
The Invid Order
Position Dates
Tradesman Year 16, Day 251
Art Director Year 17, Day 129
Gesenix Mining
Position Dates
Hopeful Year 17, Day 86
Junior Operator Year 17, Day 129
Operator Year 17, Day 187
Athakam MedTech
Position Dates
Instructor Year 18, Day 3
Rector Superior Year 18, Day 36


  • The origin of Casten's middle name is unknown, as it was not given to him on birth, and he has publicly stated it'll remain a mystery whenever he's been asked about it.
  • Due to the shared name and physical resemblance, Casten has been mistakenly identified as Maziel Davik in several occasions, despite having no relation at all.
  • What started as a joke between him and Stephanie about the lost art of Gamorrean Opera, has turned into an honest passion of his. He's an avid enthusiast.
  • The only word in Vratix that Casten is able to "speak" is an insult, which consists of 4 clicking sounds. Though he only uses it to tease instead of offend, since his attempted imitations of the word are more hilarious than anything else.
  • His most trademarking pastimes asides from Ryll consumption includes: Pazaak, hunting, fashion design and liquor collection.
  • Casten suffers from Cyclothymic Disorder (often confused with Bipolar disorder) that was diagnosed upon his employment at Athakam MedTech, finally treated with medication.
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