Corellian sector
Astrographical Information
Region: Core Worlds
  • Agrilat system
  • Aurea system
  • Bovo Yagen system
  • Commenor system
  • Corellian system]]
  • Corfai system
  • Deyla system
  • Duro system
  • Froz system
  • Jumus system
  • Leria Kersil system
  • New Plympto system
  • Nubia system
  • Sacor system
  • Talfaglio system
  • Thanta Zilbra system
  • Vagran system
  • Xyguine system
Stations: Centrepoint Station
Societal Information
Native Species:
  • Bovorian
  • Drall
  • Duro
  • Frozian
  • Govian
  • Nosaurian
  • Selonian
Sector Capital: Corellia

The Corellian sector is one of the largest sectors under Imperial control and one of the most inhabited systems under the control of the racist Empire. However, this racism can only be counter acted by the New Republic bases within the sector at Talus and Tralus in the Corellian system, Commenor in the Commenor system, Deyla III in the Deyla system, and Daerun in the Jumus system and in the Anzatan Commonwealth controlled Balsauthril in the Nubia system. Most of the sector is controlled by the Empire, while only four are left in the hands of the Imperial Union member, CorSec.

The Waryn Family does not own any assets within the Corellian sector, the Corellian system or any the systems with this sector, but maintains ties to the Desric family, the maternal grand-family of Keeya and Crislyn Anessa Waryn and also the birthplace of Keeya.

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