Corlax II
Astrographical Information
Region: Outer Rim Territories
Overector: Tion Cluster
Sector: Allied Tion
System: Corlax
Suns: 1: Corl
Orbital Position: 2
Moons: None
Trade Routes: Desevro Trace 
Distance from Core: 42,670 light years
Rotation Period: 18 standard hours
Orbital Period: 1,825 local days (5 standard years)
Coordinates: (345, 270), (12, 12)
Physical Information
Class: Gas Giant
Diameter: 147,000 km
  • Type IV 
  • Breathable in Atmospheric Cities
  • Hostile
  • Temperate in Atmospheric Cities
Gravity: Heavy
Primary Terrain: Atmospheric Cities
Surface Water: None
Points of Interest:
  • Airsquid
  • Rawwk
  • Beldon
  • Velker
  • Wonat
  • Thrantas
  • "Glower" algae
Societal Information
Native Species: None
Immigrated Species:
  • Human
  • Tionese
Primary languages:
Government: Tion Hegemony
Population: 14 million
Demonym: Corlaxan
Major Cities:
Major Imports:
  • Raw Materials
  • Foodstuffs
Major Exports:
  • Medical Items
  • Medical Droids
  • Medical Vehicles
  • Tibanna Gas

The largest planet in the Corlax system of the Allied Tion sector, Corlax II is the most populated planet, though the second most densly populated planet, following behind the Corlax III moon. On Year 11 Day 282, Clan Muintir and Typhon Corbin of the Tion Hegemony signed and officiated an Non-aggression Pact (NAP) and Limited Alliance Agreement between the Waryn Family, Clan Muintir and the Tion Hegemony allowing MMRI to develop Tiern for their own use.

On Year 11 Day --- MMRI started construction on their first city Eir which would become the capital city and the Headquarters of MMRI.




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