Corlax system
Astrographical Information
Region: Outer Rim Territories
Oversector: Tion Cluster
Sector: Allied Tion
Sun: Corl
  • 1 Corlax
  • 2 Corlax II (Waryn HQ)
  • 3 Corlax III (System capital)
  • 4 Corlax IV
Societal Information

The Corlax system located within the Allied Tion sector of the Tion Cluster is a planetary system controlled by the Tion Hegemony. Due to a Limited Alliance with Tion and Lord Hegemon, Typhon Corbin, MMRI, the Waryn Family, and Clan Muintir have been allowed to build upon the planet of Tiern. Making this system very important to the Waryn family and to all Waryn affiliated sects.

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