The [Waryn] Kavalaen is the first Lictor-class Dungeon Ship acquired by Casten Maziel Waryn in the Year 16 Day 202. The acquisition of the vessel would have not been possible without the help of Casten's close friend Xyre Weltmon.  

First Sight[edit | edit source]

The Lictor-class Dungeon Ship had been Casten's dream ship ever since he first laid eyes on this model. It had been the beginning of Year 8, over a year after Casten had left his homeplanet and had begun working in construction in Corellia.  

Casten and the rest of his co-workers had gathered at the top floor, the last piece of the skyscrapper they were building, to eat their lunch like they regularly did. When a Lictor-class broke the sky, cruising through the clouds in what Cas thought to be a divine sight. It had not been a fast ship so most of the construction crew paid no particular attention to the ship due to their fascination with speeders and freighters with faster sublight speed; to Cas however, it had looked almost majestic the way the ship hovered past them to destinations unknown.  

From that moment on, it became Casten's dream ship (thus the name Wahrtraum meaning Real Dream in a very distant tongue).  

Dream Come True[edit | edit source]

"What use is having money if you cant do things for your friends?"
―Xyre Weltmon

It was early in the day, Cas had been hunting on Desargorr VI and he decided to take a break and recover his breath. He hopped into his ship to share his achievements with Xyre over comlink. They talked as casual as ever, conversation going from topic to topic until she asked him about his favorite kind of ship. Casten didn't have to think twice when he mentioned the Lictor-Class Dungeon Ship. Little did he know that Xyre had an ulterior motive for her question; and before he could say something else, Xyre had transferred credits to Cas' account, to complete the price of a Lictor that was on the market at the time.

Almost immediately, Cas got in touch with the supplier to purchase the ship and within minutes, Cas' long time wish had been fulfilled.

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