"Kysel Clones" is the colloquial denomination to a group of 16 clones led by Casten Maziel Waryn, all of them are named Kysel to honor the genetic model Nolan Kysel, former mentor and lover of the young Waryn.

Foundation[edit | edit source]

Following Nolan's death, Casten went through unbearable lengths to find a way to bring the man back to life. Even after the two had been apart for several years, Casten hadn't been able to leave their story in the past. Eventually, the Thyferran's labour led him to Kamino, where a shady group of scientists performed "unusual medical research" and needed test subjects. Albeit illegal, these practices promised Casten a way to regain contact with who once was his first love, even if it meant cloning Nolan rather than resurrecting him.

The first clone that was born at the facilities carried on with Nolan's personality to a wide extent, except for some subtle differences that Casten couldn't obviate. Furthermore, he turned out to be somehow obedient to the Waryn, which Casten blamed on the Kaminoan's partnership with military governments for military development. Nevertheless, after spending time with the first Kysel clone named Aldane, Casten's initial impression of disdain progressively morphed into acceptance once he began appreciating having Nolan's presence back in his life, never mind if it meant by proxy.

At this point in time, Casten had already began working for the Tionese government and thus his economical situation had improved a tenfold from earlier in his life and he found it easy to order an entire squad of clones to follow him. Casten was fully aware that these Kysel clones had a tendency to be servile more than Nolan ever was, which was the very difference that made the Thyferran man's feelings for any of the clones to never match the ones for the original Kysel; but despite their duty as personal assistants for Casten, they all hold a closer friendship with him and by extension, to the rest of the Waryn Family.

Known Clones[edit | edit source]

Main Staff[edit | edit source]

Aldane, Allard, Cillian, Eddard, Feyden, Forley, Jaygo, Lewys, Newlyn, Rawlin, Tywin, Varden. These 12 clones constitute the private staff of Casten Maziel Waryn. They carry on several roles for the Thyferran, based on their individual characteristics and aptitudes ranging from military advisors to social escorts.

As their main role is of personal assistant, addressing any one of the clones is generally the first checkpoint towards a formal meeting with the Thyferran.

Additional Staff[edit | edit source]

The last four clones: Davrin, Galidon, Rhorik and Tormax, were a late addition to the staff a few months after Casten joined Black Sun, their purpose was intended to be a personal link between Casten and the rest of his family who stayed in the Tion Cluster, their role adapted to the needs of their respective manager, being Crislyn, Stephanie, Keeya and Xyre in the respective order.

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