Lyla Alanna was born anonymous to an unknown Firrerreo male and Kiffar/Tionese mother on the hostile planet Tion. Placed up for adoption before birth, Lyla was never cared for by her biological parents, both citizens of the planet Tion. Adopted by Katalana Dravvad Waryn on the day of her birth, Lyla shares her birthday with her aunt, Crislyn Anessa Waryn. Crislyn was present with Kat on Day 20 of Year 12 in order to perform a medical inspection of Lyla before Kat officially adopted the baby girl. Keeya was notified of Lyla's birth moments after it took place, Crislyn deduced that she was healthy and strong enough to leave the planet and Lyla and Kat were accompanied off planet by Crislyn.

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