The Starry Mystress officially known as [Waryn] Starry Mystress is the first BFF-1 Bulk Freighter owned and acquired by Crislyn Anessa Waryn. The Mystress is the largest cargo freighter owned by the young Waryn girl and so is often the most frequently used ship in her fleet. Having just recently bought this ship because bulks are one of the most commonly used ship in the galaxy, to make sure hers was distinguishable from all the others, Crislyn paid for a custom paid job in the tradition colors of green, purple and red with the Clan Muintir crest and the Waryn Family crest on each side.

On day 216, Crislyn recommissioned the Mystress with a new paint job. The previous paint work designed by Lilith Kaine of Vorsia was replaced be a new design created by Andree Cyberdree of Tion. The current paint job is the inverse of the design created for the Moonlit Maedyn, the newer sister ship of the Mystress. Though the paint design does not incorporate the Waryn family colors, the family crest is still painted on the ship, this time in white.

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