Tyra Shay born Tyra Marie Shay to Sara and Joshua Shay on Thyferra.


Early LifeEdit

Tyra Shay was born on Thyferra. Her mother was Sara Shay, her father was Joshua Shay. Her parents died when the ship they were in was attack. A message that told her name and her parents name was placed in an escape pod she was put into. She landed on the planet Hapes. Tyra was only 6 at the time.

Tyra was taken in by a Hapan family. The family had a set of twins, Grant and Isa. The twins were 8 when Tyra was found. When Tyra was 15 Grant and Isa both left for a life of their own. Three years later Tyra left too.

After two years she was able to buy a ship. She bought a broken down, rusty, YT-1300. Luckily she had some knowledge in repairing ships like a YT-1300. Since it couldn’t fly itself she contacted a friend who had a ship that could carry it. She spent four months on her friend’s ship repairing her own. With a fresh coat of paint she named it “Mishap” although she didn’t find buy that ship a Mishap at all.

New RepublicEdit

Tyra traveled in her YT-1300 exploring the galaxy for a time period. In her travels she was hired by Ubrikkian Industries. After several months she went to the New Republic where she became part of the Ministry of Culture.

A SurpriseEdit

During her time in the New Republic she met a man in the New Republic’s army named Ben Okafor. He was a very nice and charming man. They ended up going to a couple dinners together. One night though Ben asked Tyra to marry him. Tyra willing accepted in a heartbeat.


After sometime she decided to see what it was like outside the New Republic’s large umbrella. She went to Sienar Technologies. However she found it hard not to be with out all her friends, not to mention missing her fiancé, back in the New Republic. Tyra ended up in the New Republic PSA Keer Union. Tyra soon got involved with Scott Hood’s clan, Bha`Lir, which was involved in ship production for the Keer Nation.

Avance CoalitionEdit

Tired of the New Republic’s politics left the New Republic once again in pursuit of a change in life. She ended up in the Avance Security Forces in Avance Coalition as a Flight Corporal.

Beyond GovernmentsEdit

After trying to earn some money she left for the newly formed ship company Telma Tech Shipyards. Although she later returned to Avance for a month only to return to Telma Tech. On her return she became rather attached to the president, Krios Malana. They spent hours on end together and one day Krios proposed to her. She accepted immediately surprised that he decided to propose already.

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