The Rose Garden of the Foothill Gardens, often occupied by the Waryn Family


This holobank provides the entire background on the Waryn family and all of their activities within the galaxy. From clans to factions to the other members accepted into the family by the three sisters, these protected holos are only editable by family members who place this information on the holonet for others to enjoy.

Currently maintained by Crislyn Anessa and her cousin Casten Maziel, the databank is ever changing with new adventures, information, and more!

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Waryn Family

Family Members

Casten Maziel Waryn

Keeya Maelii Waryn

Crislyn Anessa Waryn

Family Organizations

Barefoot Taskforce

Blackmoon Taskforce

Havenside Taskforce

Family Locations


The Foothill Gardens

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